“The evil men do lives after them” warning to Akfinans Bank

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Nothing lasts forever. Every situation comes to an end eventually. It will be interesting to be around when eventually all the property scams in Cyprus, both North and South, are finished. You will note, I was not optimistic enough to say sorted.

The law is to blame for the situation in the North. Clear and just laws would not lend themselves to being manipulated in the way that they have been. Where there is just the hint of ambiguity, there will be those who will use it to their own advantage, even though it is clear that do so is wrong. The law does not necessarily walk hand in hand with what is right. The reason for this is that laws are man made and man is fallible. When the laws hurt those they were designed to protect, then they need to be repealed. Tinkering around the edges of existing failed laws clearly does not work. Repeal the old laws and replace them with new and transparent laws. It sounds logical, but man and logic also does not always walk hand in hand.

There are those like ***Deleted*** Bank who will resist any change to a law that has worked so well and been so advantageous to them. That they know right from wrong is apparent but that they are not prepared to do the right thing, is also apparent. Who remembers the old ‘pick and mix’ selection of sweeties you could buy from Woolworths? TheĀ ***Deleted*** Bank seem to do this with the law here, pick and mix the laws they like and work so well for them, ignore the rest. Before they shout, that is not fair, let me just remind them that breaking into secured property and changing the locks without a court order is not lawful. Driving a car at speed at a human being is not lawful. Taking furniture from one of the homes you broke into is not lawful.

Law 39/2001 is used to great advantage by the ***Deleted*** Bank, but is it being used correctly or in the spirit intended when it was put on the statute books? To do evil things, to try to keep the evil hidden by curtailing media coverage of the evil is not what Law 39/2001 was designed for. The original concept was to protect banks from being unfairly targeted and to protect the banking system in North Cyprus. It was never designed to screen the evilĀ ***Deleted*** Bank do from the public.

Section 21 of 11/78 Mortgage Law here in North Cyprus states “the creditor before mortgaging the property is obliged to search and see whether other people have rights on the mortgaged property”. The law obliges the creditor to name everyone residing in a property on the land being taken as security. Clearly this was the case in the K5 scenario and also possibly in every situation where a mortgage was granted AFTER the sale of the property to a third party. Clearly all banks that have given mortgages to dishonest landowners/builders after the sale of the security have ignored the the rights of the true owners. It is quite clear to me that when these cases make it to the ECHR, the banks will be found to have walked all over the Human Rights of all those involved in this mess.

The Mortgage Law obviously has more detail than mentioned here, but in their usual ‘pick and mix’ fashion, the bank and its legal team are doing their best to side step this law.

Is the Government going to allow this beautiful country to be named and shamed in Strasbourg. Is it fair that the Republic of Turkey will have to eventually foot the bill?

The evil men do lives after them. Do you think this would be a good motto on the wall of the Boardroom at ***Deleted*** Bank?



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