Pauline Read attended a press conference at the TDP HQ in Lefkosa

This was received by me and I’ve been given permission to publish it as it is, errors included for legal reasons:

“Today Pembe, Husnu and Pauline Read were invited as guests of the TDP Genel Baskani ve Lefkosa Milletvekli to attend a press conference at their headquarters in Lefkosa.

Our host Dr. Mehmet Cakici introduced us and gave the opening comments. I told of the article that appeared in Yeniduzen newspaper on Friday and of my contempt for its content. I explained it was full of lies, half truths and deliberate omissions. I believe the name of the bank was mentioned only once in the opening introduction but not by me.

I made it clear that I was there as Pauline Read a victim of Kulaksiz 5, a member of the ongoing cases both here and in Strasbourg (ECHR). I made it perfectly clear that I was not there representing the Kulaksiz 5 group.

Dr Cakici had been told that only one purchaser on K5 had paid for their villa. All of the K5 owners have paid for their villas, they purchased them from Kulaksiz Construction Limited. I believe that such misinformation was deliberate. It is true that one couple, Mr. and Mrs A Clarke have paid twice for their villa, once to Kulaksiz Construction Limited and the second time to the bank. The other owners refused their alleged offer to sell the villas again to the K5 owners after the Auction. The sum mentioned then at a meeting on the 23rd July 2010 in the office of the Advocate for the bank was £55,000 per property and if we could not afford that they would give a 20 year mortgage. At that time our oldest purchaser was 88 and this would have meant him having a mortgage until he was 108 years old. Since we had all already bought and paid for our villas, this offer appeared somewhat superfluous.

Pembe gave an account of the situation her mother Muazzez finds herself in thanks to the fraudulent behaviour of her builder Nurettin Tutuska. Muazzez lives in her home at Baris Apartments in Girne. You will recall that Tutuska has consistently failed to pay his debts and has had many Memorandums put on Baris apartments even though the apartments have been sold to innocent victims. There are so many Memorandums on Muazzez’s home and because they are dealt with strictly in date order, it is highly unlikely Muazzez will be able to keep her home or receive her money because so many Memorandums pre date hers. I wish I could tell you that the Tutuska story is an isolated one but I am afraid it is an all too common story and there is a real possibility that victims are not yet aware that this has happened or is happening to them. You will remember that Muazzez was famously told that it will take 5 years before she is evicted and when it happens, she should consider the capital she paid for her apartment as rent paid for those five years. I doubt that Muazzez would ever have chosen to pay over £10,000 a year in rent and in any event, had she kept her money in a lira account with the right bank, the interest earned would have gone a long way towards paying her rent and her capital would have still been intact and still be hers. She was also told that ‘buying in North Cyprus is a gamble, like putting your money on the Stock Market (Borsa)’ These two pearls of wisdom allegedly came from the Judge who gave her the Memorandum.

Husna told a very old Turkish Cypriot story about an old man who lived in a village and who returned home to find his home broken into and his belongings gone. When he related his story in the coffee shop, he was surprised to find that the consensus of opinion was that it was his own fault for not locking up his house more securely.

Now does that remind you of anything? How often have we heard that it is not the fault of the fraudster, it is the fault of the victim and we have seen the price the victims have had to pay here in North Cyprus.

The TDP have proposals to change the old laws that seem to also go along with the consensus of the coffee shop customers. They now propose to lay the blame fairly and squarely where it belongs. If the Bank lend money to a landowner/developer after the developer has sold the finished property, then the loss is the Banks and they must chase the landowner/developer for the debt and not try to repossess the property because the the property clearly belongs to the purchaser.

This is an argument I have been trying to put across for a long time. In short the initial sale is the legitimate one and the borrowing of money using as security property already sold is fraud and it is the bank who have been defrauded by the borrower and the initial purchaser can bear no blame and suffer no loss.

Dr. Cakici gave me details of proposed changes to old laws and I attach the details which are in Turkish. I have Dr. Caciki’s permission to publish these proposals. I will endeavour to get accurate translations of these proposals by the TDP party and publish them as soon as possible.

Dr Cakici displayed a knowledge of the problems in the property market and a keenness to discuss ways to help purchasers.

We discussed our aims on the Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group and were happy to realise that Dr Caciki is a supporter of our aims.

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus facebook group is an apolitical and secular group. We are happy to know that politicians of all parties are aware of our group, aware of aims and we hope they will do whatever it takes to address and remedy all the problems of all property victims whether members of our group or not.”

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