North Cyprus Property Victims | Impending Kulaksiz 5 Cases

The status quo in Demokrasi Sokak at Kulaksiz 5 stays the same.

Number 5, the villa Pauline Read still claims possession of although trying to exercise that right would most certainly have the potential of seeing her locked up. Yet the Bank and its cohorts who did break in, did isolate and disconnect the electricity and did allegedly attempt to ‘run down’ the now famous Agile, continue to live in this villa totally unhindered. This seems a very strange state of affairs to those of us who live in the ‘outside world’.

Neighbours report that the Bank are still pouring money into this property and every week sees more improvements taking place. It is also where they allegedly launch their verbal attacks on the residents living there. Allegedly the attack that coincided with the publication of the MNCB produced DVD ‘Banks behaving Badly’ was particularly vocal and allegedly racist.

The next hearing scheduled for the Kulaksiz is the Appeal against the case lost by the K5 on the 26th August 2011 when Judge Talat Usar denied them the Interim Injunction to stop the Bank selling off their property. This Appeal takes place at Lefkosa High the Court on 19th September 2012 some one year and one month after the case they are Appealing. Now we all know in a civilised society this Appeal would not be necessary because, until the outcome of all legal arguments was known, how could anyone justify selling off the property in dispute?

The main case is scheduled to reconvene following the summer recess at the Girne District Court on Wednesday October 10th 2012. The Judge in this case is again Judge Usar. The outcome of this case, whatever it may be, will almost certainly be Appealed by the losing side so we could be looking well into 2015 before the ECHR have a say in this matter.

The trick as far as the Kulaksiz 5 litigants are concerned will be living long enough to see the end of this nightmare. The ages of the litigants are advanced, the eldest being in his 89th year.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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