Last night’s Kulaksiz 5 Club Simena event was a hit

The Club Simena charity evening to raise funds for the Kulaksiz Legal Fighting Fund apparently went very well last night.

I did not attend. I am told that as many as 150 people did.  Steam Machine did not perform due to ill health and Bobby Sands did the honours in his place. I am told that Al August was, to use the words of my source, ‘brilliant’. I am told that the original entertainers were giving their services free of charge, I do not know about Mr. Sands.

My source was not impressed with the main course, which I was told consisted of fish, chicken, rice, salad, chips. I am told that the Simena charged 30TL for the food and the first local drink. 50TL per ticket, you do the maths.

There was I am told, a table of about 16 BRS members. Mr Stephen Day publicly presented a cheque for 2850 TL to Bob French, a K5 victim, and I have no way of knowing whether this was another generous donation from the BRS or the same £1000 that was heralded in Cyprus Today on Saturday.

Since I am deemed liable to ‘betray’ trust invested in me by telling me, I guess I will never know. Mr Stephen Day also conducted the auction and my source tells me he was on fine form.

I would have had some photos, but unfortunately my source’s memory stick on his camera malfunctioned, so you will have to use your imagination.

The Legal Fighting Fund, I am told, is held in a client account by our Advocate.

Last night should see a significant increase in that fund, even from ticket sales alone.

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