Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank | Possible Adjournment Information Leaked


It is sad when the very people who claim to support all victims of the property scams here in north Cyprus publish misinformation on the very eve of an important hearing for the Kulaskiz 5:

” John Good

Kulaksiz 5 v Akfinans Bank not going ahead tomorrow Akfinans Bank have requested the case be adjourned so they can consider their position in light of new developments ..!

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John Good, the non-existent originator of the other STBINC page, by no means the architect of its growth, posted this last night. The question is whether it is a blatant lie based on misinformation gained from dubious sources.

It is true that the Legal Team of Kulaksiz 5 do expect the case to be adjourned today. However, this is because on Wednesday 19th September, and in light of the minor success enjoyed by the K5 that day, the Legal Team for Kulaksiz 5 submitted an amendment to their case, the hearing of which is due to start today. It is anticipated that the other side may well ask for an adjournment and that adjournment will be granted. The only person capable of granting that adjournment is the judge, Judge Talat Usar and he can, if he wishes, say no. To second guess a judge is a very foolish thing to do.

The way Mr Good words his post is ambiguous and misleading. More than that, it is fodder the Bank could use against K5. I very much doubt if this information came from a K5 member or the legal team, but I do know that his fellow admin on that page does have a cousin who works in a certain legal office.

This truth of the matter is that this morning the legal representative for Kulaksiz 5 will attend court around 9.00 am, it is anticipated the other side will ask for an adjournment.

Below are some of the comment that came from the members after seeing this post. It is wrong to misinform your members. It was equally wrong last week for a person calling herself ‘kara’ (black) to come on NCFP and try to leak information the K5 wish to keep under wraps. Strange to use the colour black when the Turkish word for pink is pembe. Just an observation and not an accusation.

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Julia Simmonds WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fantastic news

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Judy Hayward Sounds interesting. Maybe it has been pointed out to them that they are not going to win? Let’s hope so.

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Moyra Hassan You mean they’ve realised they’re in the wrong !! Fat chance !!

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Art Watson Maybe just maybe the tide is turning in the TRNC!

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Patricia Clarke Does the Sea have a tide in the TRNC Art?

3 hours ago · Like”

The Bank must be clapping their hands reading this sort of thing.


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