Kulaksiz 5 Appeal – the ‘Political Policeman’ has phoned Pauline Read


I knew it could happen but I had hoped that the BRS taking out the advert to support Kulaksiz 5 would distract attention from me. It did not work.

I have had a phone call from my ‘Political Policeman’, one of the two who flanked me at the Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil. He wanted to know if I was popping in for coffee on Wednesday when I am in Lefkosa (hope that is not a prediction). I laughed and said no I would be busy attending my case as one the K5 litigants.

He then asked me if I could give an idea of the number of people who would be there. I told him I could not begin to guess but what did it matter because they would be well behaved and give no cause for alarm. He seemed to think they may carry banners or placards, I assured him that if they were British, they would not.

The whole call was good natured and he told me if he was not working he might come to join us. I think we can put money on whether or not he is working. Now I wonder who made the call that resulted in me being called. Not a certain Bank or their legal representative, surely?

Do not be frightened off. If you care be there on Wednesday 19th September Lefkosa High Court at 9.00 a.m.

Pauline Ann Read

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