Akfinans Bank v Kulaksiz 5 | Pauline’s Publicity Push


It was interesting to read that THE bank are again fuelling up the situation regarding Kulaskiz 5 v ***DELETED*** BANK. Clearly they have no Public Relations personnel in their organisation.

Their Press Release of the 2nd March 2012, the follow up article in Halkin Sesi, proved that beyond a doubt. The Press Release, presumably worded by the legal representative, Talat Kursat, had all the hallmarks of desperation. You could imagine a group of prepubescent teenage boys sitting in a room sniffing glue and saying “let’s say that she is the Mistress of the guy she lives with, that will make her look like a prostitute (fahise)”. You can just see them getting excited, then one of them saying “yea, let’s call him her lover, then people will think they are really low class. Pass me that tube of glue, I think I’m coming down”.

Then you could imagine one of them, probably one who was there at the break in and took part in the vehicular attack, saying “hey you remember we decided to say the male attacked us with a baseball bat, why not say she did too?” There was probably a group guffaw and their sweaty little faces were glowing with excitement. “I know,” one of the group, particularly emboldened by the substance he was sniffing would say, “let’s call on the Government to deport her”, the guffaws and girlie type giggling would have reached fever pitch at that suggestion. Of course, this scenario is just the product of my imagination and since I was not at the meeting where THE bank and its legal team decided to embark on this foolhardy exercise, I have no idea what really took place.

You may think the scenario I paint is a little harsh, but you have to remember how childish and irrelevant the article was, the old smoke and mirrors attempt to side step the real issue and focus public attention on the old lady, rather than the really bad thing this bank is doing to her and all the people on Kulaksiz 5. I do not think I would be over stating the facts when I say that they are not content with intimidating old people, taking their homes visa vie their life’s savings, they now want to destroy them.

Now we read that WRIT Number 3 of the promised 10 plus is in the system. Again a very bad Public Relations move since it has not achieved it objective of silencing her, indeed I understand that the serving of the first was the catalyst that pushed her into the first TV appearance on AS TV, followed by Press Conference at KTOS, followed by a second TV appearance at Genc TV, followed by another Press Conference at the headquarters of the TDP party, followed by the TV appearance on the Hasan Hasturer programme on Ada TV, all within a three week time frame. Yes I can see Pauline Read is really running scared.

Now here is a novel idea, why don’t the bank realise that this ploy of intimidation and trying to stop the world from knowing what they are doing, just simply is not working and do the ‘RIGHT THING’. In the long term, it will turn out to be the right thing for them too.


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