Akfinans Bank discussed on Ali Safa’s North Cyprus Ada TV

Akfinans Bank discussed on Ali Safa's North Cyprus Ada TVWITHOUT PREJUDICEHere I sit at 6.28 am, the morning after the night before.  No I did not go out on a bender, but I will admit to feeling ‘punch drunk’Last night I arrived at the studios of ADA TV at just after 7.30 pm. Husnu had arranged that we appear on the Hasan Hastürer programme due to start at 8.30 pm.  Hasan bey is a very popular TV host and his show is aired live in London and the TRNC.

The show started on time with Husnu and I as Hasan bey’s guests. Now Hasan bey is a very laid back interviewer who misses nothing. He asks all the right questions and knows exactly which buttons to press to get the best out of his guests. We were introduced, a brief resume of the Kulaksiz 5 situation was given and I was asked to give an account of how I came to the TRNC and what had happened to me with regard to my purchase of my Kulaksiz 5 villa.

Phone calls started coming in and all were sympathetic. One caller asked me if I thought the title in the TRNC was legal and valid. I answered honestly, that I did not know, but when I purchased I believed I was dealing with honest people, in a country with a democratically elected government who encouraged people like myself to purchase here. That I always believed the law and the state would protect purchasers. Hasan bey extracted facts from me and Husnu translated my answers for the viewing public.

Last night was one of those surreal occasions and I do believe I will miss much from this report that will come back to me later. I know I did vent my spleen. You have to remember that a three and a half hour programme will take time to recall. I know Ismet Ustuner rang in and explained much about the law, especially the Specific Performance law which as he explained is old and needs repealing.  He recalled the Peaceful, Silent, Candlelit Vigil and my ordeal trying to get permission, his eventually leading it and the way the foreign nationals were kept across the road and not allowed to join in. I recalled my being flanked by two secret service policemen and being threatened with arrest if I crossed the road and joined in the vigil.

During a commercial break, Mr Ali Osman Safa the owner of ADA and the associated publishing group came into the studio. He explained to me that there were people in the reception who claimed to know me and wanted to join the show. He left the decision to me. I was surprised to see it was Gary Wadhams and Terence Bushell, fellow victims of the same bank. Naturally I had no objections to their joining in, as a member of Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group, I have long since realised that all victims must unite to defeat this blight of the property scam issue and help restore the reputation of the property sector in our beautiful TRNC. I thank Richard Barclay and Malcolm for making them aware and sending them along. There is strength in unity.

The atmosphere in the studio was electric. I could feel the energy coming from everyone. Gary and Terry introduced themselves and explained their situation with regard to the bank.  It appears that another member of the banking family is also involved in the building industry and is the author of their problems. Below, I have added a link to the article I wrote when I first met Gary in corridor outside the courtrooms at Girne District Court.

It would seem that the bank were up to their old tricks, but in the case of Gary and Terence even more brazen; giving mortgages on land still in the name of Mustafer Kader a member of the bank owning family. Relations between the builder Mustafa Kader and the victims started out well but then deteriorated over time and culminated in the bank allegedly not having been paid by their relative, breaking into Gary and Terence’s property and changing the locks. During this break in, expensive furniture and air-conditioning units were stolen and 11 months on the police are nowhere near to finding and returning these goods to their rightful owners. I did ask Gary and Terence if there was a court order allowing the bank to break in and change the locks, they said there was not. Now who does this remind you of?

Perhaps Gary and Terence were lucky not to be in residence or they might have been accused of attacking their intruders with baseball bats and worse maybe having a vehicle driven at them which may have hit its target. Gary went on to say that on legal advice, they re-entered their property and changed the locks, then went out to celebrate. On their return they found the property had been entered and the locks changed yet again and they could not regain entry. Now they, like me, are being threatened under the trespass law. You Could Not Make It Up.

They did the same in the case of Eva McCluskey on  K5. So here we have three cases of breaking and entering and who will forget the famous picture of the bank bum going through Eva’s bedroom window?

I have checked my copy of the Onay Belgesi dated 17.02.09 for the bank and cannot find Mustafa Kader on the list of Directors or Shareholders but of course it is now three years old and it would be interesting to see an up to date version.  I did suppress a wry smile when I saw the name of the current Finance Minister who claims that he gave up his Directorship when entering Parliament.

There were other calls into the programme and the Director of the Consumer Association gave details of how his organisation has helped victims and could possibly help in these cases.

Ersu Ekram rang in from London and voiced his disgust at the way the newspaper Halkin Sesi defamed me so publicly but have not printed my answer to the Press Release from Talat Kursat dated the 2nd March 2012 and another article a few days later.  Yeniduzen printed a similar article on the 2nd March and they too refused me the right of reply.  Ersu also brought up other important points and his call was very interesting.

Nilgun another member of Stop the Blackmail rang in and gave the victims her wholehearted support.

I do recollect advising one caller  to the programme ‘be careful what you say, you will end up with one of these’ I then held up a copy of my Writ to the camera.

Although the bank and their legal team were invited to join us, they did not respond.

This report only touches on the programme, it was one of those occasions where the term ‘you had to be there’ applies.  I can extend that to say, you had to be there or you had to be watching.

I have one final observation to make.  Gary, perhaps you should look in my villa and maybe, and I am making no allegations, just a maybe, you might find your missing furniture and air con units.

Never give in never give up.



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