North Cyprus Property Victims | Karmi/Robb Auction – Day 7

Just seven days to go till the Karmi/Robb auction. Seven days until the Government allow the partially built properties and land purchased in good faith by two sets of British buyers go under the hammer to satisfy the debt allegedly owed to Mr. Eray Fellaloglu. The Minister of the Interior is quoted in Cyprus Today as saying no one has been made homeless whilst he has held office. I would not be too proud of that Mr. Minister, if the Government had controlled and supervised the building industry to any civilised standard, this mess would not exist. Are you happy to allow innocent purchasers to lose their life’s savings? Will Mr Fellaloglu be made homeless if this Auction does NOT take place? I have a nice photo of his very substantial home just a short walk from the site you are allowing to be auctioned to pay the former landowner money he claims Aga Development Limited owes him. Mr Gary Robb was not the only shareholder in Aga Development Limited, Mr Akan Kursat of Talat Kurtsat Legal firm was his co shareholder, why don’t you look to him to compensate the landowner, you would not have to look very far.

The Government seems to think that by making the purchasers the scapegoats, the problem will be solved. Instead of looking to themselves as the facilitators who gave Gary Robb and his co shareholder and fellow Directors of Aga, all the freedom they needed:

Who gave a known felon on the run on drugs related charges CITIZENSHIP?

Who allowed Gary Robb and his cohorts to set up building companies?

Who allowed Gary Robb to act as his own selling agent?

Who ignored the many many complaints from unhappy disgruntled Aga purchasers?

Who still ignores the problem?

Who still ignores the evidence in the British Court case document that Talat Kursat facilitated transfers of money to personal accounts of Gary Robb in Thailand?

This is just one Auction of an Aga/Robb site, we all know more will follow, it is only a matter of time till Amaranta Valley goes under the hammer.

I know that many, many of the Aga purchasers are now going the ECHR route to try to find justice. Another set of victims are looking to the US courts for justice. It is such a pity they cannot obtain justice at the scene of the crime.

Be at the Auction on Sunday 6th May 2012 – the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court, be there for 9.30 a.m. This will be a very solemn occasion and you are asked to dress and behave as you would if attending a funeral, for this is what it will be. RIP North Cyprus property sector.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Martin Luther King.

Pandora A Box

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