Alternative places to live if Akfinans Bank evictions take place

Sometimes your friends come up with good ideas, sometimes they come up with fantastic ideas.

As you all know I am of American descent and have family and many good friends in America.  I have told you all about Daphne with whom I share many adventures when I visit her in Durand just outside Chicago.

I shall be visiting her in May or June of next year and we are planning a trip to Niagara Falls.  During the trip we hope to meet up with another school friend from the old days, or as the younger members of our families call them, ‘the olden days’.  Lesley lives in Canada and will meet up with us somewhere along the way.

The reason I have mentioned Lesley is that she also follows my adventures at the hands of Akfinans Bank Limited, Akan Kurşat and the police here.  North Cyprus Free Press is a very widely read publication.  Now Lesley is obviously no stranger to lateral thinking and has come up with a novel form of housing for me, should it become necessary; details below.  Thank you Lesley, see you next year.

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