North Cyprus News | Akfinans Bank Manager Voted Onto UBP Executive Board


Sources tell me that Ertug Kader, the Manager of Girne Branch of Akfinans Bank Limited, this weekend was allegedly voted on to the Executive Board of the ruling UBP party. The vote was called, giving people only one hour’s notice to assemble and vote. It seems that allegedly the Prime Minister Mr Kucuk made the decision to call this meeting and vote at such a short notice. Now why would he do that? Rhetorical question.

Many of you will be aware that Mr Ertug Kader is the Bank’s family member who, with his family, weekends in what Pauline Read still considers to be her villa. Although in press quotes, Mr Kader has referred to this villa as his, according to information supplied by the Bank to the court, the villa has been transferred into the name of Mr. Mustafa Guner who in 2009 appeared as a Director of the Bank on their Onay Belgesi alongside Mr Ersin Tatar, who is now Finance Minister in the ruling UBP Party.

Let us hope that the Law takes precedence over all other considerations. Mortgage Law 11/78 section 21 on which so many hopes and dreams depend.

Pandora S Box

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