NCFP mentioned Akfinans Bank but I think they got away with it

The email below has been sent to me and in fairness to the film makers I am asking the Editor to publish it, leaving out the names of the sender and the recipient. I will point out that the Headline is put on to an article by the Editor and indeed I can see the name of the Bank mentioned only once in the content of the article and then not in a rude or confrontational manner. I personally find the headline totally acceptable as it is just the case name. If the Editor wishes to make a comment here, I would welcome it.

Editor: apologies for the Fawlty Towers reference in the title, i.e. Basil’s “listen, don’t mention the war! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it

“Reading your headline on North Cyprus Free Press gives the impression that we are attacking the bank and this is not true.  You must have seen a very early proof cut of the film which has been changed dramatically and all reference to the bank has been remove. We are not attacking anyone.

This film is produced by Cypriots and settlers, who live and work here and are in love with North Cyprus. None of them are property victims. But they have chosen to speak out for the many victims of bad past practice.

No company names are mentioned in the film any case chosen is for illustration purposes only and includes many examples of the questionable practices that have created so many victims.

The objective of this film is to make the TRNC government think again and not abandon them in their pursuit of justice.

The victims of the film are typical of thousands in North Cyprus. They are real and have been chosen for their humanity. If you have dry eyes at the end of this film, you are not one of us.”

Would you be good enough to post this statement on North Cyprus Free Press as an acurate discript of the film and its purpose.”

It will be interesting to see the film when it is available and then I can judge for myself just how changed it is from the version I first saw.

O B Joyful

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