K5 v Akfinans Bank | Feedback from Girne Court Appearance


K5 v Akfinans Bank | Feedback from Girne Court Appearance

We presented ourselves at Girne District Court at 8.25 am as we had been told to and, as usual, nothing happened. In fact nothing continued to happen for quite some time.

Eventually, Hasan a member of our legal team, told me that nothing was going to happen before 10.30 am because Akan Kursat the Advocate for the Bank was in Nicosia.

At about 10.35 am Mr. Kursat arrived and the Advocates for both sides went into Chambers to consult with Judge Talat Usar. Some time later our Advocate came out of chambers and informed us that there was a hearing for another (totally unrelated) case to be heard by Judge Usar. It had been agreed that the two Advocates, ours and the Bank’s would try to negotiate on the “strike out” items to see if there could be some way to come to a mutually acceptable compromise.

The next date for K5 to appear in court is January 2nd 2013, when if no agreement between both sides has been arrived at on these ‘strike outs’ then the Judge would listen to both sides and decide on the request for these ‘strike outs’. In any event there will be an appearance on the 2nd January 2013 when the Judge will either approve any agreement or listen to both sides and decide on this request. Even deciding on this matter could run into several appearances, clearly an agreement between both sides would be preferable and time saving.

However this morning was not a time saving exercise, 3 more hours of the pensioners’ lives were spent ‘hanging about’ still waiting for justice.

Today at court were Bob French, Phil and Mike Watkin-Jones, David Wilson, Pauline Read and Agile. There were many supporters to whom K5 extend their grateful thanks.


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