Akfinans Bank’s Behaviour | “Turkish Cypriots, are you prepared to allow this to continue”?

It is somewhat difficult for me to gain access to all the details of the current Libel Writ issued against Pauline Read by the bank without a name.   My understanding is that she is being accused of writing libellous articles about said bank.  Clearly I do not wish to comment on the rightness of such an action, merely today to bring to your attention a few facts.

“Libel: defamation in a permanent form (e.g. writing, print, sculpture) but also a statement in a talking film or in a wireless broadcast; the plaintiff need not prove actual damage but must prove publication to a third person.  TRUTH is a defence.”

So let us assume that Ms Read did not publish the articles.  Now, unless the press in general were all lying at the time of the many woes that befell the Kulaksiz 5 victims, and it is a matter of public record that all the TRNC based press were reporting at the time of the Auction and the days leading up to it.  It is only in recent times that a strange and eerie silence has overcome the TRNC based press on this subject.  Is there only one TRNC based news outlet who dares to print the truth, Afrika Gazetesi?

“Vexatious Litigation: Legal action brought regardless of merits solely to harass and subdue an adversary.  It may take the form of a primary lawsuit or may be repetitive, burdensome and unwarranted filing of meritless motions in a matter which is a meritorious cause of action. Filing vexatious litigation is considered an abuse of judicial process and may result in sanctions against the offender.   A single action, even a first one, is not enough to raise a litigant to the level of being vexatious though repeated and severe instances by a single lawyer or firm can result in disbarment.”
It has to be asked, how many members of the Press and Media here have been served with Libel Writs and if they were to join to together, could they prove that the issuing of them on masse constitutes Vexatious Litigation and are all the Writs issued by the same lawyer or same firm? Obviously, I have no evidence that even one has been issued, other than to Pauline Read.
It is my understanding that the bank are looking for damages from Pauline Read to the amount of 50,000 to 100,000 lira.   If I were a cynical man, I would immediately point to the fact that the upper figure is extremely close to the mortgage money advanced to Yuksel Yilmaz (landowner) and Abdurrahman Guney (Kulaksiz Construction Limited) back in March and November of 2005.  The astronomical growth of this debt by the application of outrageous rates of interest enabled the debt to stand at 2,077,000 lira at the time of the auction in 2010, it begs the question, are they looking for a repeat performance?  Just as well I am not a cynical man and will refrain from asking such a question.
I do however wish to ask the Government, are you going allow this bank to continue to harass Ms. Read in this way, are you going to allow this bank to continue to use her villa as a form of financial intimidation by taking up residence there every weekend and using abnormal amounts of electricity, which because it is still at builders’ tariff is many times more than the normal tariff. Their very presence, in my opinion, is provocative. Their using of electricity and refusing to pay for it is in my opinion theft, especially as the residents have to pay to avoid being disconnected.  These are old people, can you imagine what their lives would be without electricity as Cyprus temperatures approach freezing point? Financial intimidation is every bit as lethal as physical intimidation.
I ask the men and women, good Turkish Cypriots, are you prepared to allow this to continue  to happen in your name?
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