Akfinans Bank – what a coincidence?

As today is my birthday, and I have my sister visiting, I really hoped to have a day off. Seems fate had decided otherwise. On our way to Famagusta to show my sister the city within a city the phone went for the first time. I was being invited to a meeting today with someone I had wanted to meet for some time. Clearly, I could not make this meeting but hope to in the near future.

As we got closer to Famagusta the phone went for a second time. This was a call from a contact who has given me very accurate information in the past. I was told that someone in the immigration department had made them aware of the fact the owners/chief personnel of Kulaksiz Construction were allegedly to be deported, namely the brothers of Abdurrahman Guney who gave evidence in the court hearing of Kulaksiz 5 -v- Akfinans Bank Limited on Monday the 6th June. Now bear in mind that should this prove to be true, it seems somewhat of a coincidence that this should happen so close to them giving of evidence in favour of the Kulaksiz 5 and begs the question, is there more they could tell the court? Clearly, if they are deported, they will not be allowed to return and who would that benefit?

On our arrival in Famagusta I received yet another phone call. This was from a journalist contact who drew my attention to the article on the front page and page three of the Turkish language newspaper ‘Afrika’. He briefly told me that Judge Ilker Sertbay had granted an Interim Injunction to two Brits, Joseph Wedhams and Terence Harold Bushell, to stop Akfinans Bank selling their property.

Now I am working a little in the dark because I do not have the benefit of a full translation of this article. It would seem that Mustafa Kader Limited contracted to build for the Petitioners and accepted a considerable amount of money from them. Then the builder allegedly mortgaged the properties with Akfinans Bank Limited without their knowledge or consent. It would appear that this particular alleged fraud dated back to 2005. It is also alleged that the builder, who bears the same surname as the owners of Akfinans Bank Limited Kader, are indeed related.

Knowing as I do the situation with Kulaksiz 5, I have to ask the question. Are Akfinans again alleging they did not know that the land they took into mortgage had Contracts on, and are we being asked to believe their alleged relative hoodwinked them in this deal too?

Am I the only one to see a pattern emerging here?

I have scanned the article and hope the editor will be able to reproduce the Turkish text for those of you who read Turkish. The good news is that I do expect it to appear in a English language newspaper and I will then be able to give you a link to that. I was asked to comment, which of course I did.

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