Akfinans Bank auctions secretely mortgaged pensioner’s home – Day 23

Following my article about the first remedial work, I will now go on to the second remedial job.

The rooms that had been ‘fixed’ started to show the same signs yet again, floors bowing, walls cracking, doors unable to be closed properly, hanging like they’d had one over the eight. This was happening approximately a year after the first remedial work had been completed. After much jumping up and down (by me) Abdurrahman Guney, the then Director of Kulaksiz Construction brought in his own ‘structural engineer’ who agreed there was a significant problem.

The plan this time was to leave the walls in situ but to dig up two bedroom floors to a depth of a metre and a half and instead of putting compacted soil back, this time to infill with chuckle. Re-concrete re-tile and then I would certainly have no more trouble.

Unfortunately, this was March 2008 and money had become tight, so no, he would not pay for accommodation whilst the work was done, I would just have to live round it – which I did. I can remember putting the word kaput on one wardrobe door and wondered why they looked at me a bit strangely, then I looked it up in my Turkish dictionary and found it meant: 1. military greatcoat; 2. contraceptive, sheaf, rubber; 3. bonnet. Ah well, a girl can make a mistake (bet you have got your dictionaries out).

You would think that was the end of my building problem – you would be wrong. I will tell you more in another article.

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