Talat Kurşat | “if dishonesty is present, that will render the conduct criminal”

We have had time to digest the outstanding result enjoyed by the Serious Organised Fraud Agency in the High Court in the Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London. A very significant decision on the part of The Honourable Mr Justice Mackay.

There are still those who think this very thorough and extensive enquiry resulting in this criminal case is being unfair to Talat Kursat, the firm of Advocates still practising in Lefkosa and Girne in the TRNC. The firm’s two principals being Talat Kursat the father and Akan Kursat the son. Despite overwhelming evidence, clearly sufficient for the Judge, there are those who say they were tried in the their absence.

We know from a copy of the Onay Belgesi that the son Akan Kursat was indeed a shareholder in Aga Development Limited. Now as Legal Adviser and shareholder in this company, and as the one receiving the instructions from Mr. Robb to transfer significant Aga funds to his PERSONAL accounts, are we being asked to believe that this firm of Advocates (custodians of the legal system) never asked one question, that they blindly did as they were told. Did they not have duty to ask questions, or were they just so blinded by Mr. Robb’s obvious charm? Well of course, my tongue is firmly in my cheek when I ask this question, because I think we all already know the answers.

Mr Robb’s legal advisor tried the ‘it was merely breach of Contract’ old chestnut and therefore a civil matter between Mr Robb and his purchasers. It was clearly established by the expert evidence of Emine Colak that it would be a criminal offence in the TRNC under Criminal Code chapter 154 Sections 297, 298, and 300. Mr Robb’s expert agreed with these sections of the code but still pushed the idea that Mr Robb merely failed to comply with his contractual obligations and therefore would not be unlawful under the criminal code. Ms Colak responded that if dishonesty is present, that will render the conduct criminal. Now, milking the Aga client account and transferring the funds to the personal account of Mr Robb is, in my opinion, highly dishonest and very criminal and anyone who colludes in this is equally culpable. The Judge recognised that, I recognise that but when are the Baro Council of the TRNC going to recognise that, when are the Prosecution Service of the TRNC going to recognise that, when is the Attorney General going to recognise that and conduct a full and impartial enquiry culminating in a criminal prosecution of all involved in the Aga Saga. Then those complaining that the Kursats have been tried in their absence can see them tried in their presence.

Ms. Colak, responded that if dishonesty is present that will render the conduct criminal, that was the opinion of an expert in this hearing, I think that has been the opinion of many non experts, aka VICTIMS in the TRNC from day one and the case of the Kulaksiz 5 victims immediately spring to mind.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith


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