Gary Robb – Talat Kurşat | “in excess of £30m still unaccounted for”

While the furore over the decision by a British court to keep the money intercepted on its way to Thailand, money fraudulently obtained by Gary Robb in his Aga Development scam scheme, rages on, one very important question remains: “what is the TRNC Government going to do about the very serious allegations contained in the Judge report of this case?”

These allegation concern a well known firm of Advocates based in Lefkosa and Girne, Talat Kursat. The Judge makes some very damning references to this firm being involved in what can only be described as a form of ‘money laundering’ by transferring large sums of money to accounts in Thailand.

£1.6 million was intercepted but there is thought to be in excess of £30 million still unaccounted for. Indeed the money said to have been collected from the buyers of Aga Development Limited is said to be well in excess of the amount intercepted. SOCA are believed to be going to return the intercepted money to the victims. Clearly there will not be enough to satisfy all the buyers. So where is the rest of the money?

It is reported that Mr. Robb’s Ethiopian wife known as Aga Robb (also as Netsanet David) and his children of this union are living, or indeed have been living until very recently. in a luxurious villa. I do have the address but in fairness to the family, I do not propose to use it. Could this villa have been purchased using some of Mr Robb’s ill gotten gains?

Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group has gained many new members as a direct result of this recent good news from the UK legal system. There are now over 1760 members calling for the Government to stop the blackmail, the nepotism, the cronyism and the corruption that is sullying the good name of North Cyprus and deterring future investment in this beautiful country. The groundswell of public opinion in North Cyprus is calling for the Government to instigate enquiries into the findings in the UK court, to investigate the actions not only of TALAT KURSAT legal firm in relation to the AGA affair, but also into their connection in Akfinans Bank -v-Kulaksiz 5 affair.

I say to the Government, how long are you going to ignore the voice of your people?

Join Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook group AND never give in, never give up.



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