Aga Saga Update



It has come to our attention from three different sources over the past 48 hours (both by phone and e-mail) that the North Cyprus Government are to make some advance toward the subject of the assets of AGA Development. We have been led to believe the announcement involves Kutsel, & Tahir, amongst others. This alleged announcement is said to be due on the 4th December. We cannot be sure that this is true and not a rumour so please don’t shoot the messengers, however all three sources have proved to be reliable in the past.

Further information received this morning is as follows: – The TRNC court has adjourned all cases for proof on 4th December. This is to enable Gary Robb’s lawyers to inform him properly about their withdrawal. After this is done the court is going to order refund and interest in all/many cases and charges the properties simultaneously with these orders.

More information about ABAG – HERE

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