12/12/12 v 21/12/12 | K5 v AB | Doomsday?

TODAY is the 12/12/12. This is the last of the same day, same month, same year number date for another 89 years when it becomes 01/01/2101 or 01/01/01. Some believe that this date is the date of Doomsday, others that it is 21/12/12 because of a Mesoamerican Long Count calendar depicting the end of a 5125 year cycle on that date.

Whilst this is yet another piece of useless information you could live without knowing and there will probably not be any of us around reading this when it does happen again, I thought it noteworthy.

Can you imagine what the world will be like then, do you want to?

Of course if they are still listening to the Kulaksiz 5 case at that time it certainly wouldn’t surprise me. I am convinced the plan is to outlive us all.

Pauline Ann Read








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