Cyprus Property Victims – ‘Nose as Long as a Telephone Wire!


Cyprus Property Victims – ‘Nose as Long as a Telephone Wire!

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it is only just over three years ago when I first met Mr Hudeverdi Iyikal the then Manager at the Ministry of the Interior. You can read the very amusing events that led up to this meeting below. This man sticks in my mind particularly because it was the first time I was lied to face to face by a senior member of the TRNC Tapu, but not the last.

It seems now Mr Iyikal is in the news as he has lost his seat, which I personally think actually means, he has lost his job. There is a very poor translation available if you go to this site, but he does not sound too happy about it.¹

Am I bovvered…..what do you think?

TRNC Government Property Market Credibility Destroyed by Heartless Auctions
Tuesday, April 17, 2012 – by Name & Address Supplied

ou know when you say, things cannot get worse, and then they do; well that would be a good description of this morning’s mission. Pembe, Husnu and I had determined to see the Minister of the Interior, Mr Nazim Cauvoslogu, this morning. So freshly showered and shaved, Husnu…not us girls, we embarked on our mission.

We first presented ourselves at the Bakan, made out request and since Husnu is very well known in the Football Federation we found it easy to progress to the first class waiting room, the one with comfy sofas and chairs. I did a double take when I entered the room and thought, ‘no it can’t be’. Now sit down, I said to myself and look again. Yes its was, there lurking in the corner was…no not a spider… worse… Mehmet Kader. Now I am aware of the many hours that family spends in the Ministry of the Interior but why did we have to choose the very time one was lurking in the waiting room.

My good breeding came to the fore and and I said to my companions, ‘ this is Mr Kader’. Husnu is a lovely man and said a cherry ‘hello’, the response from Mr Kader was ‘keep your hellos to yourself’. Pembe I believe also said hello and was greeted with words to the effect ‘are you taking the piss out of me?’ Now isn’t it amazing the response a simple ‘hello’ can get?

Never daunted Husnu must have said something else because he assures me the Turkish reply went something along the lines ‘don’t talk about something you know nothing about’ and ‘why did you come here and why don’t you go back to your country?’ Clearly Mehmet does not do subtle. Well when you consider that both Husnu and Pembe are Turkish Cypriot, I think he was being awfully rude. You don’t think he could have meant me do you? Surely not, I only introduced him to my friends. I know that through Talat Kursat they had suggested a free trip back to the UK for me via deportation, but really I am sure they didn’t mean it. Thus we sat in the waiting room, all the time Mehmet (I feel I can call him that now, after all his brother is living in my villa) was texting furiously and making whispered phone calls. Pembe was quite sure an army of Bailiffs would be awaiting us when we left. Other very pleasant people came in and we chatted happily amongst ourselves, all except Mehmet who just didn’t seem to want to be friendly with anyone. Imagine then our surprise when we were called into the presence of the Minister and Mehmet decided he would join us in our meeting. He hadn’t reckoned on Pembe hanim, she politely but firmly told him our meeting was private and he must leave.

The Minister listened to our request that he intervene in the proposed Auction and also my enquiry about my Permission to Purchase and then passed us to a colleague of his, a very nice man Mr. Hudaverdi Iyikal whose title is Mudur. To cut a long story short, The Ministry intend to send someone out this afternoon to look at the site. If there are people living there, the Auction will be postponed, if not it will go ahead on the 6th May 2012. The law allows this according to Mr Iyikal because Gary Robb owes the landowner a lot of money. It seems the law is not interested in the vast amount of money the victims have invested in buying on this site. The Auction will go ahead then because there are only shells on the site and the money invested by the victims will be sacrificed for the greater good, the greater good of the landowner that is, a very well known Turkish Cypriot. Justice seems to be of no consideration at all. So more foreign purchasers are about to bite the dust. We also were told that 900 applications for properties to be sold at Auction have been approved and the Auctions will start in July/August 2012. Not only did there seem to be no regret, we were told in no uncertain terms, it is lawful. Well not only might it be lawful, but for those of us who are victims, it is AWFUL and no one in authority gives a damn.

Clearly we will campaign for a change of heart, but frankly I do not think there is a HEART in this Government.

So on 6th May 2012 you are cordially invited to the Auction of Karmi/Robb property and the funeral of the property sector in North Cyprus. The Auction is set for 10.00 a.m but I suggest an early arrival. The venue is the coffee shop opposite Girne District Court. I do request you behave with dignity that befits a funeral and wear a black armband to mourn the loss of jobs, income, tourism and the blow to the economy.

My adopted country deserves better, the wonderful people of North Cyprus deserve better, we all deserve better.” ²




Pauline Read

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