Cyprus Property Victims | Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders


Cyprus Property Victims – Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders

Quite by chance last night I tuned into channel 5 and saw a heart breaking programme about two separate couples, both of whom had been well and truly stitched up by a fellow British builder in Spain.

It is when you actually see someone else’s reaction and tears and hear them say “how can they do this to their own people”, you realise that nationality does not matter to the perpetrator of such villainous acts, they just don’t care about anything but themselves and their insatiable greed for easy money.

In north Cyprus there are a mix of nationalities as far as the victims are concerned and a mix of nationalities as far as the cowboy builders/estate agents/vendors and banks are concerned. However the nationality of the sub standard/dishonest advocate is almost always Turkish Cypriot. Whether it is a ‘fly by night’ advocate like Hak Hukuk aka you know who, or yet another with a European arrest warrant outstanding, the fact is their governing body has no teeth and no will to change that.

We often hear a country’s spokesman justifying it happening within their borders by saying “it happens everywhere in the world”, as if somehow that makes it acceptable. Nothing justifies fraud, nothing justifies abusing people’s trust and the only answer I want to hear is “it is wrong, we will investigate and prosecute all fraudsters and impose meaningful prison terms on these people.

I shall tune in to channel 5 next Thursday at 8.00 p.m. UK time and then discover which side of the border this programme is about. To my mind, the island of Cyprus has more than its fair share of property scams both side of the divide.

Never give in never give up.

Pauline Read

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