Cyprus Problem | Turkish Road Map

Cyprus Problem - Turkish Road MapCyprus Problem – Turkish Road Map

According to the Halkin Sesi newspaper (10.07.14) quoting Turkish NTV, the Turkish road map for a Cyprus Solution is the following:

“1) The second stage of substantial negotiations, during which the positions are mutually determined, will be completed before the negotiations’ entering into the summer vacations.

2) The last stage which is the give and take will start in the end of August. In this process, the map, the security and the guarantees will be left for a next stage.

3) The leaders will visit the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in New York in September during the works of the General Assembly. In this summit, the disagreements will once more be put onto the table in front of the Secretary-General. The leaders will plan the last steps together with the Secretary-General.

4) A four-party conference will be organized with the participation of guarantor powers Turkey and Greece in parallel to the sides in Cyprus. During the conference which will constitute the most important stage of the negotiations, the territory, the map, the security and the guarantees will be decided. While on the one hand the guarantors are discussing in the conference, on the other the Cypriot leaders’ negotiations will continue. In the summit, if the leaders achieve reconciliation of differences, the date of the referendum by which the solution will separately but simultaneously be submitted for the approval of the two peoples, will be finalized. In the period that will pass until the date of the referendum, delegations of experts will enter into the close city of Varosha and the works of opening the city again for settlement will officially be launched.

5) In the fifth and last stage, a referendum will be held in Cyprus after ten years. If the result that will come out from the referendum from both sides is ‘yes’ to the solution reached by the leaders and the guarantors, the establishment of a new state will be declared. However, if the answer that will come out from the referendum is ‘no’, it will be declared to the world that this process has also failed and that solution could not be found in Cyprus any more. In case the process fails, a broad conference will be organized in which all sides concerned with the Cyprus problem will be gathered. Here they will discuss what should be done for the solution of the problem”.

I’m only quoting what other media sources are saying, don’t blame me if you think it is pie in the sky.

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