Cyprus Problem | Tough on the Causes of Crime?

Cyprus Problem - Tough on the Causes of Crime?Cyprus Problem – Tough on the Causes of Crime?

I guess you could say that the problem with the Cyprus Legal System, both north and south, is the lack of a speedy enforcement of justice. Beyond that, you could say that the cause of this injustice is the turning of a blind eye when it comes to powerfully placed criminals. This blind eye results in a lot of promises regularly being made while nothing is either visibly or actually done. The hope is that eventually the goldfish memory of the majority of the electorate will forget about it; that is if they cared in the first place.

The south’s President Anastasiades denies there is a cover-up concerning the arrest and charging of those responsible for the collapse of the economy. He blames the reason for apparent non-action on the British or more precisely the strict rules of the Anglo-Saxon legal system which has an old fashioned system where you have to “seek to substantiate each case separately with all the necessary evidence.

Now, I’m sure there are a few expats out there who have discovered that evidence is not a necessity when it comes to the arrest of those without power. When asked whether he expected arrests by the end of the year, the president was quite clear when he said “I want to be absolutely certain of this, based on the briefing and the assurances I have been given.” This, he said, would prevent accusations later that investigators did not do their job properly.

“We are talking about huge responsibilities and possible felonies, not a run-of-the-mill robbery or forgery… I prefer for a good job to be done and have the cases substantiated and those responsible punished instead of creating the conditions for some to get away by exploiting the system.”

Well, I feel assured aren’t you?

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