Cyprus Problem | The Two Presidents Disagree

Cyprus Problem | The Two Presidents DisagreeCyprus Problem – The Two Presidents Disagree

After Monday’s meeting the Presidents of the north and south of the island of Cyprus came away disagreeing with each other’s proposals. Why this should be news is a wonder to me as the two sides seem to have disagreed with each other for half a century at least. I though the aim was to negotiate a set of proposals and let the Cypriots vote in a referendum. It’s not about the political stances of politicians it’s about Cypriots creating a situation in Cyprus which both sides can live with, even if they can’t live with each other. Surely it’s not about who gets Varosha/Maras or about extra crossings, it has to be about what makes Cypriots comfortable living together.

This meeting was supposed to be about Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) but instead merely exposed the lack of confidence each side had in each other. I’m sure these two veterans of the Cyprus Problem are very clear about the historical issues but in my opinion it is time that two negotiators under 40 years of age were given the task of unifying Cyprus. I wonder how many voters under 40 years old care about the history of the problem but would instead just like an island free of barriers, both physical and psychological?

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