Cyprus Problem | Stepping up a Gear

Cyprus Problem - Stepping up a GearWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Problem – Stepping up a Gear

Whilst we read that the talks to try to solve the Cyprob are to be stepped up a gear, that would be from reverse into first gear, the ROC stumbles from one crisis to the next.

The next tranche of the bailout loan seems to recede into the distance as ROC are unable to come up with a form of words in the Foreclosure Bill, a prerequisite of this next tranche of money being released, that is acceptable to Troika. The Civil Servants are now going to strike over the threat that their tax free lump sum that forms part of their pension, will be taxed. ¹

There seems to be no unity of purpose displayed by either the Government or the Unions and both seem hell bent on going to hell in a hand cart. With all this in mind, how would it benefit the TRNC to be part of this unholy mess? Many already believe that the final solution is in existence and has been since 1974, it just needs rubber stamping. Are they correct?



Pauline Read

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