Cyprus Problem | South Accepts Draft Proposal and Awaits North

Cyprus Problem – The South Accepts Draft Proposals and Awaits North’s Response

The south’s President Anastasiades held out hopes that the Cyprus Talks were about to begin.

“Today, it seems that serious prospects are in the making for a substantive joint communiqué, which satisfies the basic principles for a solution to the Cyprus problem and will lead to the resumption of negotiations, not for the sake of the negotiations.”

He explained that he had agreed the new draft proposal of the joint communiqué and was now waiting for the north’s response. He also asked for those who disagreed with his approach to allow the negotiations to progress but this was ignored by all but his own party.

“I suggest patience and self-restraint, so that we will not be led astray toward possible baseless and misleading interpretations.”

It is expected that the two Cyprus Presidents will meet on Monday to ‘kick-start negotiation.’

In my opinion, the whole process is a mess and hasn’t a chance of leading to a joint document to be used as the basis of a successful referendum. The real question is that if the Cyprus Talks fail then what step next for the north?

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