Cyprus Problem | Remembering 20th July 1974


Cyprus Problem – Remembering 20th July 1974

Of course we must never ever forget the events of the 20th July 1974. We must never forget the loss of lives, the suffering and the reason for the intervention. The events of five days earlier, the coup by the Greek Military Junta which led to the perceived need by the Turkish Government to send in help to the beleaguered Turkish Cypriots on the island of Cyprus because the other Guarantor power Britain refused to intervene.

Clearly there was a need, but now 40 years on is there a need for the Turkish troops still to be in the north end of the  island? I am neither qualified, nor do I have the right, to give an opinion on that.

What is really apparent is that Cypriots from both sides of the island want a solution. They want and need an end to the division and for the people to have a clear view of what their future holds. Whatever the final outcome is, it must be for all Cypriots, it must be equitable and it must be fair. It must lead to a peaceful future for all Cypriots.

Marking 40 years of occupation

There will be celebrations in the north. There will be a time of quiet reflection and wreath laying in the ROC. May the leaders of both sides put their personal ambitions aside and work for the good of those who gave them power through the ballot box, may they show their respect for and gratitude to their people, stop the posturing and work to a final solution to the Cyprob.

Pauline Read

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