Cyprus Problem | Presidents’ Walkabout

Cyprus Problem | Presidents' WalkaboutThe two Cyprus Presidents, Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci, crossed to the north and to the south to have a coffee with each other in a display of mutual admiration and for a photo opportunity meant to instill confidence that the Cyprus Talks were off to a positive start.

Others seem to believe that this meander symbolised the back and forth of the talks so far, with a lot of roads traveled but the true destination, a solution, never reached.

This was not a meeting and it is doubtful that anything constructive was said, the next leaders’ meeting is scheduled for May 28 and it is here, away from public scrutiny, that truths will be told and the old divisions reopened.

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8 comments to Cyprus Problem | Presidents’ Walkabout

  • cyprusishome

    Confidence building exercise!!!!!!!!!

    Can remember Talat doing the walkabout when Lokmaci first opened. Him and about 30 hangers on came and sat in the café we were having lunch. Blooming annoying. Worst part was what looked like a Brit in tourist uniform walking past stopped and took Talat’s photo while he as eating, moron (the tourist I mean)!!!!

  • Miltiades

    For as long as Turkey, the invader and occupier of the northern parts of Cyprus, insists on being…..the guarantor for the entire island of Cyprus, there will be no progress in the process. A progressively “islamatized ” nation will NEVER be accepted in this role.

    Cyprus is a western nation not an offshoot of the Islamic world.

  • Polly Marples

    Who rattled the parrot’s cage.

    Arabs, all of you.

  • Miltiades

    Arabs are muslims you ignorant senile old cow !!

  • Ian Edwards

    Yiannis, at your age don’t you think it’s time you grew up and stopped being a jerk?

  • Miltiades

    Are you talking to your self Clown ?

  • AM

    He is on a full blown crusade on CF against anything Muslim at the moment and will trample his size 12’s on anything to do with Islam, good or bad ?

  • Miltiades

    Give us an example Stupid !