Cyprus Problem | Not too Happy with President Anastasiades

Cyprus ProblemCyprus Problem – Not too Happy with President Anastasiades

This is an interesting comment by John Mavro on Cyprus Mail I thought you might like to read: ¹

“What a sick, never ending farce.

At a time of economic depression and distress, to have these idiotic parasites, headed by a ”president” who is totally oblivious of where his priorities lie – and clearly he has shown that he is as thick skinned and stupid as his predecessor – running around New York, on a very expensive holiday courtesy of the poor taxpayers, must be the height of irresponsibility and insensitivity.

As well as totally provocative for the rest of us.

What exactly has this clown achieved there?

He has met with the Egyptian despot and the Palestinian president. Did he have to fly half the way around the world to meet two leaders who are within half an hour’s flight from the banana republic? Oh yes, in addition to meetings with the foreign minister of our Greek brothers that he talks to almost daily.

Actually the very fact that the only high level meetings he had were with middle eastern leaders says a lot about our standing and mindset.

Which is closer to the Arabs of the middle east than to Europeans.

One can almost imagine all serious leaders scampering to avoid the Cypriot delegation and to be spared the mindless repetition of what they have been hearing for forty years now.

No doubt Anastasiades and the rest of the clowns accompanying him will have had a wonderful time staying in top hotels and dining at the finest restaurants of Manhattan. In addition to many photo opportunities and sight seeing.”



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