Cyprus Problem | Mysterious Misplaced Generosity

Cyprus Problem – Mysterious Misplaced Generosity

Afrika newspaper (31.07.14) reports that Turkish Cypriot Eray Ozer wants to give the TRNC exchange title deeds he had been given for property in Gökhan and Balıkesir villages back to the Greek Cypriot who had to abandon this land in 1974.

“Eray Ozer is looking for the real owners of these lands, the title deeds of which were given to him in 2004, in order to give them back without waiting for absolutely anything in return.”

Not is all as it seems though. It appears that Ozer inherited some land which was within the boundaries of a TRNC military zone and was being used by the army and so his family had been granted property in Gökhan and Balıkesir in its place. It seems that Ozer may be protesting the fact that he has inherited this land only to find it has been swapped for TRNC title property in place of his family’s internationally recognised title land. Thus his statement:

“This property is not mine. It was taken by force from its real owners. I cannot reconcile with my honor leaving this property as inheritance to my children”.

Seems to me that Ozer knows perfectly well that he cannot give the land to a Greek Cypriot and that selling the land and giving the Greek Cypriot the cash would be a better bet. In this way the Greek Cypriot can have cash now and can still go to the Immovable Property Commission and get even more cash, Turkish Cypriot land in the south or even his property in the north returned.

Afrika newspaper believes that everyone in this situation should do this and, I assume, those who would have nothing left but the property they had to abandon in the south should then live in poverty or move to the south in order to get their land back – or wait for a settlement of course. It’s amazing what ideas the rich folk have.

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