Cyprus Problem | Kudret Ozersay For TRNC President?

North Cyprus Government | Kudret Ozersay's Government RoleCyprus Problem – Kudret Ozersay For TRNC President?

According to the Star Kibris newspaper (11.07.14) the north’s Cyprus Talks negotiator, Kudret Ozersay, on a program broadcast by ADA TV, discussed the possibility of him becoming a TRNC presidential candidate during the next presidential elections. He explained that if he decided that he could help the north more by becoming a president, then why would he not do it? He then confirmed that he was thinking of it.

Concerning the Cyprus negotiation talks, Ozersay said that both positive and negative developments are taking place during the Cyprus negotiation talks.

“I am trying to present to the Turkish Cypriot community in a correct manner how the real situation is. Because, if you try to pump the hopes and present the situation in an artificial way, then the disappointment is much more. The Cyprus negotiation process is a long path and we should determine the method to be followed in order to be able to put forward the common goals. We have reached to a joint text and this is positive. It was positive to reach to a joint text after a long period of time, but at the same time there are a lot of deficiencies. The joint declaration text lacks a road map”, Ozersay said.

He then added that nothing will be made clear until January.

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