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Cyprus Problem | Ban Ki-moon Plan? | TRNC Independence

Cyprus Problem | Ban Ki-moon Plan? | TRNC IndependenceThe Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, has asked the United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, to come up with a plan to solve the Cyprus problem.

I guess the UNSG could pull out his copy of the Annan Plan and present it to the south’s President Nicos Anastasiades who will obviously say, as he did in 2004, ‘I’ll vote for that!’

That’s not going to happen is it. Let’s face it, the north and south governments disagree and will never come up with a compromise which suits them both. The Greek and Turkish Cypriots however may think differently. I wonder what would happen if Ban Ki-moon turned round and said, ‘my plan is to have a referendum for the north’s independence’? Just like in Scotland. It would only take about 40% of Greek Cypriots to vote ‘YES!’ and the vast majority of Turkish Cypriots to do the same and the only workable solution would be reached.

It’s not going to happen is it. They’ll still be trying to find a ‘solution’ in the 22nd Century.

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6 comments to Cyprus Problem | Ban Ki-moon Plan? | TRNC Independence

  • Ian Edwards

    By which time there’ll be a whole new race of people in the south (called Russians), and a whole new race of people in the north (called Russians), and the southern Russians will happily agree with the northern Russians on a satisfactory division of property, and everyone will live happily ever after…..

    Except Yiannis’ descendants.

  • cyprusishome

    That is probably the most sensible definition of a resolution to Cyprus I have read.
    There is no way that Cypriots will ever agree on a solution and the UN are totally incapable!!!
    What many feel to grasp is that Putin now owns RoC, that being the result of borrowing from the mob and trying not to repay debts to EU et al.

  • Miltiades

    ” whole new race of people in the north (called Russians”
    Do you not mean Low Down Cheapskate Peasants ?

  • AM

    Yes Milti, the very same low down cheapskates that saved the RoC sorry arse with mega loans that you are very unlikely to ever pay back ?

  • Miltiades

    How do you know , stupid ?

  • AM

    The whole world know’s …Idiot