Cyprus Problem | Anniversary of Guarantor Power Intervention

Cyprus Problem – Anniversary of Guarantor Power Intervention

In a few days, north Cyprus will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the day the Turkish Army intervened in their struggle just to exist.

The Turkish intervention followed the Greek Military Junta’s actions of five days previously. Fact not fiction. Does anyone really believe, that without Greece’s entirely illegal action the Turks would have intervened? When one guarantor power did the unthinkable, it was inevitable that one of the others, given the enmity that had existed between Turkey and Greece for so many years, would act exactly the way they did. The third guarantor power Britain, did what it always does best, nothing.

What really surprises me is the level of support Greece still enjoys in the ROC. ¹

Whether you are a Turkish Cypriot or a Greek Cypriot, surely 40 years is long enough to live with a divided country.

Whatever the final outcome of the Cyprob talks, whatever settlement is finally hatched out, let us pray that another 40 years does not go by with one side accusing the other and that instead of trying to apportion blame, they get on with their lives and look towards the future instead of keep harping back about the past. The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery, live for today.



Pauline Read

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