Opinion | The Government We Deserve?

Opinion – The Government We Deserve?

Computer Weekly has discovered that the Tories have installed robot software on their website and No 10’s website, to try to prevent anyone from seeing any of their speeches and promises made previously to being in government. This is being “the most transparent government ever”!! But….transparently what? Lately, I am coming to the conclusion that I must have been kidnapped by aliens and transported to a parallel planet ……

There was a report yesterday that Sir Philip Hampton, CEO of RBS, disclosed at a conference that he was recently badgered by an employee of the bank for a pay rise. The basis for his request for a rise?

1. He was comparing himself with an employee of another bank, whom, he said, had similar status, and was paid £6 million

2. He didn’t think that £4 million was enough anyway.

Sir Philip said that he had had an increasing number of staff asking for a pay rise over the last 5 years. Could this greed have something to do with RBS having been effectively bankrupt and needing a bail out from the UK taxpayers?

And today there was a report on yesterday’s debate and vote on the ‘Bedroom Tax’ in Parliament. During a description of how one disabled person committed suicide in absolute despair over the ‘Bedroom Tax’, several Tories were said to be laughing and joking. They and the LibDems voted against, and Labour’s bid to kill this iniquitous charge on the most vulnerable in our society was thrown out.


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