NCFP Opinion | Tory Money Saving Ideas

NCFP Opinion – Tory Money Saving Ideas

So Alan Millburn wants “rich” pensioners to be deprived of their freebies in order to reduce child poverty in the UK.

It seems to me to be an entirely wrong approach. The government should sneak through another yet law change, that would allow them to take poor children out of education, and put them to work. That would potentially free up 2 million school places, thus enabling the closure of about 5 thousand state schools, with huge savings to the Treasury.

Assuming two children could do a man’s job, a million immigrants could be repatriated; and costs to employers drastically reduced, since children would be almost free of wage costs. The NHS would no longer be needed, since the rich – bankers, pensioners, and our ruling class – can afford their own health care; and those who cannot afford heath care are of no value to the nation anyway.

Another huge saving to the UK taxpayers. Pension provision could be the best in the world, since the poor would no longer be a burden on it. They probably wouldn’t live long enough to need it. And we would have a marvelous Tory Utopia.


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