NCFP Opinion | New Graduates Not Fit For Industry

NCFP Opinion – New Graduates Not Fit For Industry

You may find this of interest. From the IET Journal, this month (came this morning), two letters. I think both illustrate some of the problem with teaching and graduates/industry acceptance.

The disconnect is clear. These graduates in the letter newgrads – I’ll bet their degrees are not considered good enough – probably not wide enough in scope. I’ve interviewed grads like this; knowing absolutely everything about almost nothing, and not having the ability to think laterally, to analyse, to really think for themselves. And more importantly, to apply what they have been taught. On the other hand, do universities – and schools – have any idea what industry needs? I doubt it. But they educate young people and instil in them a belief that the world owes them a living, that they are ‘clever’ so are entitled to a ‘good job’; that they know it all. Trouble is, it doesn’t; they aren’t, and they don’t. They just think they do…and schools and unis promote that in them – and many lecturers tell industry that they themselves know best what industry needs; the problem is that they don’t. And they definitely don’t impart proper practical skills; they promote this ‘don’t need to get your hands dirty’ mentality, they’re above that.

We really do need a huge sorting out once and for all of schools and unis.

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