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Cyprus News Review | Cyprus Mail | RoC Vehicles SeizedCyprus News Review – according to the Cyprus Mail, seven RoC government vehicles were seized by bailiffs because of unpaid bills. Writs had been issued on behalf of owners of land expropriated by the government to be used for the construction of the Paphos to Polis highway. The project has been put on hold because of government money problems.

The government owes €570m to owners of expropriated land intended to be used for public projects, including the Paphos-Polis highway and the Pentakomo Technological Park. The vehicles are set to be auctioned if the government does not pay the land owners the monies owing them. Even if they did, there will be many more land owners waiting in the wings to see if they too should follow this route.

Let’s hope the RoC government doesn’t use any of the money owed to Turkish Cypriots whose property in the south has be expropriated. According to the government this money has been set aside, ready to be paid in the event of a settlement of the Cyprus Problem. I hope this money has been invested wisely, and not in Greece or Cyprus.


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