Cyprus Forums | What are they for?

Having just read that KibKom Forum bans members for what, on the face of it, seems to be an unjustified reason, I’m wondering what the purpose of a forum is. NCFP has one at but it is really mainly for people to buy and sell items. Most debate, the reason you’d expect a forum to be started, take place attached to an article on NCFP.

We’ve been discussing here at NCFP whether to expand the type of articles we publish. What do you think? What types of articles would you be interested in, particularly in order to comment? If there is sufficient response then I’ll create a poll to see what are the most popular and then see if some of our regular writers would be wiling to contribute once or twice a week. We have a roughly 50/50 mix of UK/Cyprus readers so topics would be targeted mainly at these two groups.

Anyway, what are your ideas?

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