Animal Welfare | Vote for your Favourite Animal Rescue Centre

Animal Welfare | Vote for your Favourite Animal Rescue CentreAnimal Welfare – this is just a short article to tell you that a major animal rescue organisation, Santa Paws Drive, is looking for nominations for your favourite Animal Rescue Charity to benefit from their current fund raising activities.

To see how much is being donated by the charity, there will be a widget on the homepage which shows a running total of all the cash donations, toys, treats and bundle packs of toys as they come in. The widget will be updated at least twice daily.

Don’t forget to share this article so that others can vote for an animal rescue charity. This can be done by clicking on the SHARE/SAVE button at the end of this short article.

Six shelters will be chosen from around the world to share this money so if you are interesting in nominating a shelter such as TAG Pet Rescue (Editor’s Choice) then vote here

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