Pauline Read Suing FaceBook


Pauline Read Suing FaceBook

I realise that FaceBook’s words about safety and concern are meaningless. They are faceless and do not monitor their publication in a meaningful way and allow abuse on FaceBook, said to be contrary to their rules, to go unchecked.

An example, as far as I am concerned, is the HATE campaign being waged against me personally. The admin is a phoney and the recruiters of members are phonies. This has been brought to FaceBook’s attention but they continue to ignore the many many who have reported the site and refuse to remove it.


Even the title is harassing and the posts are worse and entirely false. Yet FaceBook are comfortable with this?

This is the reason I shall sue FaceBook, you cannot sue phonies even though you know who they are. I shall of course report this to the British Police. The sad part is that one of them is allegedly a so-called legal professional in the TRNC, another an alleged convicted felon from the UK who is living there and trading there. His partner in the company he has started is allegedly a former crony of Gary Robb and was very much involved in the Aga Development Company that cheated hundreds of people out of their hard earned savings.

I trust when the Writ hits the desk of FaceBook legal representatives, they will take the necessary action against the phonies who have caused this problem. They have allowed this group to publish their lies and filth against me, had they removed the group, as indeed they should have, when asked, no action would have been necessary. They did not and so allowed me to be abused by these people and this they must now answer for.

Pauline Ann Read

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