North Cyprus Property Victims | Same Old Story


North Cyprus Property Victims – Same Old Story

Take a builder and a landowner. Put them together and start a building site. Builder agrees to give landowner 6 villas in return for him being allowed to develop the residue of the land owned by the landowner.

All goes well at first, developer sells 13 villas off-plan to mainly British expats who, yes you have heard it before, dare dream of a home in the sun for their retirement. Builder starts building the villas as promised including the ones for the landowner.  Builder and landowner fall out. Yes I know, tell me the old, old story.

Landowner decides to sue for his land back. On this occasion the new purchasers of the ‘dreams’ are represented in the case.

Does this stop the Judge in his tracks and make him think of their rights? On the 5th of June this year in Girne District Court the Judge ruled in favour of the landowner and now the landowner can auction off the homes of the ‘dreamers’.

So what happened to the ‘payment’ in villas promised to the landowner. I am told they are in various stages of build and allegedly have been valued in excess of £350,000 in their current state. So why did the landowner sue? Could it be he wants his cake and eat it too?

Will the ‘dreamers’ appeal this decision…maybe.

See the parallels with K5? This is not Karsiyaka, this is Lapta.

On Monday the K5 are back in court with their main case when allegedly the Bank will start giving their evidence. How long this will drag on is anyone’s guess. K5 have been fighting this for almost six years already and still no outcome. If they lose this case at the District Court they will appeal because they have to. If they win, I guess the Bank will appeal and then it will go to the High Court. If they lose at the High Court they can, having exhausted all domestic remedies, then take the case to the ECHR but this will then be against Turkey.

If they win, just a thought, what happens then? I know from personal experience, winning a judgement is only the beginning.

How many more such cases are out there. I suspect many.

Pauline Read

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