North Cyprus Property | False Accusations

North Cyprus Property – False Accusations

The police here have shown a great interest in me ever since I showed a great interest in obtaining justice, so that would be for approximately 5 years.  Contrary to what you may read, I do not have, nor have I ever had a criminal record. I am not a money launderer, although I will admit to being somewhat diligent with my laundry. Poor Agile swears that he is frightened to take anything off because he knows I will put it in the washing machine, even if it is not dirty. The poor saps who have spent countless hours manufacturing their silly stories about me must be in need of something better to do.  However, the police here have shown an interest in me and mine ever since the bank told them to.

“Well, call me paranoid if you like but…
Monday, May 23, 2011 by Name & Address Supplied

Agile doesn’t get many phone calls so when he does he gets quite excited. Imagine then his disappointment when on Saturday he received one of these rare events; it was a Police Officer, and of course you are ahead of me, he asked for Pauline Read. I happened at that time to be at the other side of the garden but because I hadn’t answered the ‘phone the Police Officer asked Agile if I was on the island. This in itself makes me suspicious because, along with the rest of Kulaksiz 5, I was very visible at Girne District Court just the day before.

Agile did offer to fetch me but the officer said no, he was trying to get the ‘phone numbers for two other members of Kulaksiz 5 and did Agile have their numbers and were they on the island? Agile, who has been trained for these sorts of occasions, he used to be in the Brownies, yes I know, but from an early age he preferred to be different, said yes they were on the island and no, he did not know their ‘phone numbers. The officer went on to explain that the two members of Kulaksiz 5 had witnessed an incident a month ago and were needed to give statements. You have to hand it to them, a month to take a statement, they are on ball. Ever the diligent Brownie, Agile, took the Police Officer’s name and ‘phone number and promised to pass the message on. Of course we passed the message along to the two members named.

Well, call me paranoid if you like You would be right. Tell me I am reading too much into it. You could be right, my record (not criminal), in my dealing with the Police here has not been a happy one. I find it hard to understand how, out of all the K5 of which Agile is not a member, they should only have his ‘phone number. They have all our ‘phone numbers. It would be only too easy to get into one of their many cars and drive round to Kulaksiz 5 and speak directly to the people in question. My opinion, it was a ‘we are still watching you’ reminder.

I have to admit, I was disappointed it was not my ‘dishy’ secret service policeman. He is so nice and oh so polite.”

It seems that those with a lot more experience in dealing with the police, on the other side of the law I might add, have been letting their imagination run riot. My reaction is, go ahead, the more ridiculous your claims, the more ridiculous you look, and FatBoy I recognise your style in every word Fatma Lone writes. Keep it up, the TRNC Bar Council are going to love it when I make my complaint.

Oh dear, no evidence….that is what you think..


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