North Cyprus News | TRNC PM Vote | Kucuk 708 v Kasif 701

The vote for the TRNC Prime Minister led to Mr Kucuk receiving 708 votes and Dr Kasif 701 votes. Apparently, 6 votes were discarded and 15 delegates did not cast a vote which means that Mr Kucuk received the votes of 49.24% of the delegates and Dr Kasif 48.75%. When the election was last run in October 2012, Mr Kucuk received 706 votes and Dr Kasif 690 votes. Because this was not an absolute majority he was eventually seen not to have won! This time round the winner is the candidate with the most votes.

The Lefkoşa District Court had ruled that the UBP’s charter was clear in that any candidate needed an absolute majority of the votes in order to become leader of the party. This is why the election had to be rerun.

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