North Cyprus News | Sedar Denktas DP Party Reforms

North Cyprus News | Sedar Denktas DP Party ReformsNorth Cyprus News | Sedar Denktas DP Party Reforms

Sedar Denktas’s DP Party has now been renamed as the DP-UG Party and includes the eight TRNC MP’s who had defected from the UBP party, forcing an early election. The full name of the newly formed party is Demokrat Parti-Ulusal Güçler with the UG standing for ‘National Forces.’ Apparently, in the run up to the 28th July elections, the party is going to be publicizing slogans such as “Real change is starting now”, “TRNC is regenerated”, “New administration, new mentality, new policy” and “A new era begins.”

I wonder what all this translates into on the ground, as they say. The pundits are saying that it’s going to be a three horse race: UBP, CTP and DP-UG, but will there be a late entry, a rank outsider who fancies their chances? Whatever happens, a hung parliament looks the most likely outcome. In situations like this, small parties have disproportional power so who knows which direction the TRNC is going to take in the future.

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