North Cyprus News | Sad Times For Turkey


North Cyprus News | Sad Times For Turkey

It is a sad time for Turkey. From being a very settled and attractive area for international investment, the situation in Taksim Square which has been the catalyst for many dissatisfied groups to show their dissent, could rob Turkey of the former enviable stability.

The situation now needs careful handling and a great deal of diplomacy before it becomes too hot to handle. We all wait to see how Mr Erdogan will handle this situation. Prior to this he did not seem to be able to put a foot wrong. For the sake of Turkey, we can only hope he will find a way out of this without more injury and bloodshed. [LGCNews]

For those of us who love the TRNC and Turkey, we are all praying for a positive outcome.

Since starting this, it has now been announced there will be a referendum on the use of Taksim Park.

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