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North Cyprus News | North Cyprus Must Change!North Cyprus News | North Cyprus Must Change!

A meeting between Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister, Beşir Atalay, and North Cyprus Prime Minister, İrsen Küçük, did not go well, apparently. Atalay came bearing a comprehensive study conducted by the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) which reflects the growing displeasure of the public over the status of the north.

The report suggests that the north must reform the government ‘so that it will have its own policy-making mechanism and foster management skills.’ The report also lists the priorities of the reform process as ‘strengthening the “center” of the state, which includes political coordination and financial management, improving public services and launching a structural transformation of the economy.’

I guess the term reform is what upset Küçük, possibly because the idea of actually doing something is alien to him. Take the chaos which is the construction industry in the north. There seems to be no inclination to accept that there is anything wrong with the process of purchasing a property, for example, where title deeds are issued to foreigners many years after they’ve paid for them. He seems to believe there is no need to reform a system where putting a mortgage on an already sold property is not criminal fraud.

I guess Küçük didn’t like the paymaster telling him the state he was supposedly running was in a mess. So, what will Turkey do about his intransigence? Now, that’s an interesting thought. How long will they allow their money to be wasted? What if this report was a prelude to a demand to change or else no more money will be forthcoming? Just like in the south. Perhaps this was even mentioned at the meeting? Now that would be upsetting.

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