North Cyprus News | “Citizenship is Being Granted to 22 Thousand Families”

According to a recent report in Afrika newspaper (22 February 2013), TRNC deputy prime minister, Besir Atalay, is being quoted as allegedly saying that “citizenship is being granted to 22 thousand families.” While it is not clear which families he is referring to, Afrika newspaper seems to have no doubt that these will be Turkish settlers and are quoted as saying that this granting of citizenship to Turkish nationals is “the reason why the Justice and Development party (AKP) insistently wants Irsen Kucuk.”

However TRNC Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk was then reported as saying that those [foreigners] who have worked in the TRNC for over five years could apply for citizenship. This does not specifically say either that this granting of citizenship is restricted to Turkish nationals nor that citizenship would be granted in the end. In other words, this is probably yet another attempt to influence the Turkish community with votes to vote for the UBP in the next election.

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