North Cyprus | Lift the Embargo!

North Cyprus | Lift the Embargo!WITHOUT PREJUDICE

North Cyprus | Lift the Embargo!

“An embargo is a policy, usually put in place by a government or organization, that stops the flow of goods, services or information to another government or organization. For example, one country may decide that it doesn’t approve of another country’s methods and refuse to trade with them.

North Cyprus is a country that suffers because of being under an embargo by virtually the whole world except Turkey. When you look at the size of north Cyprus and the fact that really with such a small population it does seem draconian for these embargoes to continue. A hammer to crack a nut.

Whoever decided to use such tactics really should think again. It is a bit like a child who says, no we do it my way or I will not play with you. When did blackmail ever work?

By isolating such a small country the world has caused it harm, yes but it has also caused it to be a magnet to the greedy and self serving. Better to let north Cyprus take it’s place in the world family and grow than to allow it to continue to be used by the few elite who use it like their own toy, to place unqualified and inept people in positions of power, to create big fish in a small pond.

Rather let north Cyprus into the big pond, where these fish would be minnows.

Lift the embargoes and let the light shine in once again. Give the good hard working people of north Cyprus the future they deserve.

Pandora S Box

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