North Cyprus Government | TRNC Deputy PM Speaks Out

North Cyprus Government | TRNC Deputy PM Speaks OutNorth Cyprus Government – TRNC Deputy PM Speaks Out

The Kibris newspaper (21.11.13) reports that TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Tourism, Serdar Denktas, expressed his views on several issues currently affecting north Cyprus.

Firstly, Denktas criticized statements made by Prime Minister, Ozkan Yorgancioglu, who had said that 363 public sector employees will lose their jobs just before the New Year. Denktas said that the Ministers’ Council had not made a decisions yet on this issue. He didn’t actually say it wouldn’t happen, only that a decision had not been made.

Secondly, Denktas said that although the electricity price rise will negatively affect people, by next June prices will be decreased again. It was not clear if the Ministers’ Council had made this decision, regardless of the price of fuel at the time, or whether the Deputy PM was just expressing an opinion.

Thirdly, Denktas disagreed with the provisional agreement signed in Zurich between the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation and Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP), with the aim of uniting Cyprus football. He warned the Turkish Cypriot Football Federation chairman not to sign the agreement and said that the agreement was dangerous and Turkish Cypriot football would be absorbed by Greek Cypriot football. I assume that he believes that a Turkish Cypriot team will never win the united Cyprus league cup, or whatever they will call it.

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